Summer Activities

Canoe-camping and hiking in summer season

Summer Activities and packages

Canoe-camping and real Canadian wilderness

Come and discover our majestic rivers and the real Canadian wilderness, in full safety, in canoe-camping. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide with a lot of river knowledge. Our stays will charm you by their simplicity and life close to nature. Our packages are on demand and adaptable to everyone, going from 2 days to 25 days in complete autonomy.

Wild river canoe Canada

The overnight stays, during our outings, are under a tent and the food will be prepared on a wood fire. We ask each participant to take part in the daily tasks (raising the camp, seeking wood for the fire, meal preparation,…) during the expedition. For the amateurs of fishing the fish will be part of the game! If you are lucky, you will have the possibility to see a black bear in action or a moose crossing the river…

Wilderness camping, canoe trip

A certain physical condition is needed but a knowledge of canoeing is not necessary. Our guides will teach you the basis techniques in calm water and during your descent they will advise you in order to improve your wild water techniques. For your safety, you are in contact 24/24h by satellite telephone with the civilization.

Our river choices: Shipshaw, Manouane, Mistassibi, Ashuapmushuan, La du Chef, Métabechouane, Bazin, Capitachouane, Moisie or others, are done in accordance to the duration of your stay and the level of the participants. The water level of the rivers is variable according to the seasons and will be a selection criterion.

Fun family weekends, canoe-camping
(chute aux galets section)
23km (beginner/intermediate)
(North-West section)
80km (beginner)
(North-East section)
200km (intermediate)
(section I and II)
175km (beginner/intermediate)
A la Perche/Du Chef/
(22km -160km - 130km)
312km (intermediate/advanced)
(section I – II-III and IV)
142km (intermediate)
Capitachouane 179 km (beginner)
La Bazin/La Gatineau
(105km – 123km)
228km (intermediate/advanced)
La Moisie/au Pékan 373 km (advanced)

Hiking along paths of the Monts Valin park, for one or several days. You will spend the nights in a refuge or a tent. Observation and explanation of the local fauna and flora (your guide will show you many animal traces from black bear, wolf, beaver, moose, fox, lynx etc…).

Customized guided hiking package:

The Groulx Mountains, the place to be to see northern lights. Come and admire the sub-Arctic tundra and the beautiful colors of the autumn with chart and compass, out of the beaten paths. Imposing landscapes will leave you breathless. Sunsets on the huge Manicouagan reservoir. This immense virgin territory shelters a herd of caribous which migrates in altitude through the seasons. You will spend the nights under a tent or in open air.

Educational trips to Canada, hiking and camping

All our summer-autumn packages are complete (lodging and food in logwood country cottages at our base camp, equipment, activities…) and tailor-made on your demand. We adapt to your request. Contact us for more information, whether it is in canoeing or hiking.