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Dog sledding and winter vacations - Quebec - Canada


  • Organized group excursions.
  • ½ day Training trip .
  • Full day trip.
  • 2 to 3 days excursions.
  • 4 days to 3 weeks Long distance expeditions.

Combination Packages

  • Snowmobiling, dogsledding and snowshoeing.


  • 1/2 a day or full day.
  • Activity included in dogsledding package.


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Personalized hikes on demand and

custom tailored star-packages

The greatest choice between northern destinations in Quebec for two weeks and more, between the 48th and the 55th parallel : North-Coast, Groulx Mounts, Mistassini Lake and Albanel Lake, Gagnon City, Manicouagan Lake, Péribonka Lake, Manouane Lake and Manouanis Lake and especially James Bay and Hudson Bay. Come and discover the Great North and the people of the Cree and Inuit First Nations.

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Our custom-tailored star packages are mainly offered from mid-March till the beginning of May. Upon request, we will provide you documentation and photographs.

All activities are facilitated by our competent and dynamic team of professionals who have worked, in Europe as well as in Québec, in the tourism industry and with northern sled dog teams since 1988.

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Level 1 : Very easy - accessible to all.
Level 2 : Easy - accessible to all.
Level 3 : Moderate - accessible to people with average physical condition.
Level 4 : Moderate-Difficult - accessible to people in good physical condition.
Level 5 : Difficult - only for people in very good physical condition.
More information on the Canadian wilderness in winter
Training ½ day Level 1-2
Day trip Day Level 2
  From 2 to 3 days Level 3
Excursions 4 to 7 days excursions Level 3-4
Expedition 8 days to 3 weeks expeditions Level 4-5
James Bay and Hudson Bay Expeditions Minimum 6 days Level 4-5
Level 2 à 4
Level 2

All the levels of difficulty can change according to the climatic conditions. Participants should be aware that the weather can change very quickly so it is necessary to be prepared for anything.

It is important to bring clothes that will protect you from wind, cold, rain and snow (see list of recommended clothing on the medical form provided). Dress in several layers to be able to make adjustments as the day progresses and avoid being too hot or too cold.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are important even when it's not very cold or cloudy. The reflection of the sun on snow or ice can damage your eyes.

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